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Two Flat Earthers Kidnap a Freemason

Feb 25, 2022

Randy, Ed and Gayle try to create the next great viral video. Doctor K has a secret to share with the group.

Writing and Sound Design by Jeremy Ellett 


Jack Carmichael as the Narrator

Zane Schacht as Randy Dunning

Lauren Grace Thompson as Gayle Kruger

Charlie Wes as Ed Choom

Josh Rubino as Remote Viewing Handler, Passerby

Rob Schwarb as Mike

Addison Peacock as Karen

Amr Ammourazz as Drive-Thru Worker

David Sillars as Doctor K

Stephen Cullen as Remote Viewing Subject

Actor Direction by Danyelle Ellett.

Music in this Episode: 

Theme Song is “Social Kapital” by Glad Rags. 

Outro Music is "Tick-Tock" by Glad Rags. 

“Apollo” by Mystery Mammal.

“Prometeo” by Damiano Baldoni.

“The Fractured Flute” by Kescho.

“Retro” by Bajio Alvarado.

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This episode included a recreation of a (supposedly) declassified document, the infamous "Mars Exploration: 1984." 

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