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Two Flat Earthers Kidnap a Freemason

Jun 17, 2022

Ed Choom tries to be everything to everyone and Charlotte finally remembers to do her job. 

Written and Created by Jeremy Ellett.


Charlie Wes as Ed Choom

Zane Schacht as Randy Dunning

Lauren Grace Thompson as Gayle Kruger

Jack Carmichael as The Narrator

Lindsay Zana as Camille

Danyelle Ellett as Destiny

Jordan Stillman as Judy

Michelle Kelly as Charlotte

Phil Sherwood as Jay

Kale Brown as Jimmie

Kristian Lawrence as Neil

Jessa Jordan as Tasha

Mike Paul as the Worshipful Master Mason

Actor Direction by Danyelle Ellett

This episode included the songs Social Kapital, U Think U, Ode to a Dandelion and Tick-Tock by Glad Rags. Nettle Swarm by Randy Greer. Breakfast by Damian Baldano. HappyFBirthday by The Danimald. And a short sample from Machine Language by Mystery Mammal. 

Episode Transcripts

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