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Two Flat Earthers Kidnap a Freemason

May 6, 2022

Today on the feed we’re sharing the pilot episode of another audio drama we think you might enjoy. It's called, "Where the Stars Fell.” 

Where the Stars Fell is a semi-serialized audio fiction supernatural fantasy from Newt Schottelkotte.

"Dr. Edison Tucker is having a very weird life. Not being able to die tends to color things that way. Luckily, the strange and unusual is something of her specialty, and Ed’s set her sights and wunderkind grant money on the strangest town in America: Jerusalem, Oregon. She’ll certainly get her EMF Meter’s worth. Between an eccentric housemate, quirky townsfolk, and the mysteries lurking just beyond the tree line, Ed’s going to find the answers she’s been searching for. She just might not be ready for what finds her."

Newt will be coming on to sound design Episode 7 of Two Flat Earthers Kidnap a Freemason, which you'll hear after we come back from break. And they'll be appearing in Episode 11 later in the Season.

Listen to Where The Stars Fell. Support Indie Audio Drama.